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* Each FirePouch is lined with a vinyl coated polyester that is self extinguishing.
FirePouch fireproof pouches are manufactured using a proprietary fabric that has a metalized Mylar facing laminated to one side. The mirror-like surface reflects 95% of the radiant heat it is exposed to. The base fabric is capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of 1200F with a melting point of 2080F. This same fabric is used to produce fireproof rescue bags which are used during specialized downed firefighter rescue operations.
  • A normal building fire will "vent" itself when it reaches 1200F, or die out due to lack of oxygen.
  • A room in a building fire, once vented, will burn at around 600 degrees.
  • It is best to keep the pouch in a drawer (velcro-side face down) near the floor (but not on the floor in case of flooding. (It is not waterproof).
Please note:
  • Fact is, nothing is firePROOF. These are really fire resistent.
  • Strategically placed, these pouches will help protect your contents in the case of typical household fires.
  • FirePouch is an Authorized Distrubutor of Industrial Energy Products, Inc.
Specifications our fabrics can be tested to meet:
1. NFPA 1976, Proximity Firefighters Outer Shell requirement
2. NFPA 701, Flame Resistant Textiles, Films
3. European Standard (EN) for Protective Clothing
4. MIL-C-87076A
5. MIL-C-24929A
6. ASTM F955-85
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